Citizen Engagement Survey Results

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives. Thank you to those who completed the survey I recently sent out. I thought it would be informative to share the responses I received. As we move into the legislative session, I will continue to provide updates and additional information on issues. As always, I hope you will reach out to me if you have any concerns or questions. Thanks!”

– Jefferson Moss

What characteristics are most important to you in an elected representative?


What do you feel is the most effective form of communication with your legislative representative?


Please rank the following issues from the most important to you to the least important. 1 being the most important and 9 being the least important.

(Ranked in order – according to responses)

  1. 1. Education
  2. 2. Health Care
  3. 3. Economic Development
  4. 4. Gun Rights or Control
  5. 5. Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
  6. 6. Transportation
  7. 7. Public Lands
  8. 8. Air Quality
  9. 9. Judicial Reform

Please list other issues that are important to you that are not listed on the previous questions.

  • – Education/School Programs
  • – Preservation of Religious Freedom
  • – End Daylight Savings
  • – Energy/Solar
  • – Term Limits
  • – Medical Marijuana
  • – Taxes
  • – Health Care

In regards to education, what would you say is your biggest concern? Please rank from 1 being most important to 6 being least important.

(Ranked in order – according to responses)

  1. 1. Federal Overreach
  2. 2. Low Teacher Pay
  3. 3. Insufficient Funding in the Classroom (supplies & technology)
  4. 4. Too many state mandates from the top
  5. 5. More flexibility in education options
  6. 6. Not enough Parent input in process

Please elaborate on the previous question about what is the most critical issue facing education.

(Some of your responses)
“Funding. There is a lot of red tape, but I do think in Utah there are options and involvement. What we lack is funding mostly. Teachers need better pay and we need an overhaul of the way fund are used in schools. We need to attract teacher with passion and then pay them so they don’t burn out from “summer and second jobs”.”

“Common core should be done away with. Parents are number 1 decision makers for their own kids”

“Education is a parent’s responsibility, not the government’s.”

“Too much teacher attrition due to difficult circumstances and low pay.”

“Get the federal government out of our education system and teach correct principles.”

“Teachers pay is not adequate therefore our children are suffering because you get what you pay for. Teachers to not care about teaching. I think with higher pay we can get teachers to reinvest in our children.”

“The most critical issue in education is that parents put too much power and responsibility in the states hand. There should be more tax breaks for home-schoolers and more homeschooling options, also, parents should not have to have state or districts permission to home-school their own children. That should be a parenting choice and responsibility over everything else.”

“Too much control. Too much demanding that each child be the same as others. We are individuals, not drones. Politicians are paid too much when more should be going to teachers.”

“Our country was established based on a belief in God. Removing God or prayer from school (separation of state and church) goes against the fundamentals our Nation was built upon. Also our ideals were a majority rules, not to change laws as to coddle anyone of the minority rule.”

“Teachers need to feel valued. The legislature should stop doing the job of State and local school boards. Teachers should feel empowered to inspire and educate our children. Stop making them jump through hoops and let them teach.”

What do you feel is needed to attract more businesses to our area?


  1. 1. Better transportation options (44%)
  2. 2. Tax incentives (27%)
  3. 3. Increased visibility for our area (21%)
  4. 4. Increased population base (8%)

Are you interested in receiving ongoing surveys regarding specific bills or issues?


I would like ongoing feedback on how you feel I am doing in serving as your representative.





Transparency in Process:


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